Launch in the UK and Europe

Business Plan Review and adaptation of business plans in readiness for the UK or European markets.
Company Formation Legal structures. Financial and tax planning. Insurance, health and safety. Appointment of service providers e.g. bookkeeper, accountant & lawyer. Premises and trading addresses.
Funding and Finance Preparation and planning for access to our extensive network of angels, professional investors and banks. Advice and support to obtain subsidies and grants.
Intellectual Property Trademarks and patents. Access to practical advice and professional resources.
Team Organisation planning. Permanent and interim recruitment. Employment law. Payroll services.
Development Product and service development, including localisation and translation services.
Test and QA Market testing and readiness. Safety, legal and regulatory testing and approvals.
Customer Services Inbound and outbound customer support. Help desk, warranty and repair. Retention and renewals. Virtual and dedicated call centres. Training of both internal and channel resources.


Health Check (online here) A high level review of your marketing function to identify opportunities to improve performance.
Marketing Audit A more in-depth Audit of your current marketing function to identify areas for improvement and recommend a course of action. We will provide a prioritised action plan, identifying the cost and expected benefit of each component. Normally combined with an Audit of the sales function to ensure sales and marketing efforts are synchronised and working together effectively.
Strategy We review where you are, research your opportunities and identify your markets to help you define your high level marketing strategy.
Segmentation An exercise to identify the market sectors and niches where you should be focusing.
Research Local and international market assessment, product or service, positioning and price competitive analysis.
Planning and delivery Planning and management of marketing initiatives to ensure successful delivery of your marketing strategy.
Product development Commercial and technical Audits and development support for your products and services.
Market communications, Advertising and PR The creation, management and execution of a cost effective communications plan.
Demand generation Developing and managing cost effective, scalable and measurable solutions.


Health Check (online here) High level review of your sales function to identify opportunities to improve performance.
Sales Audit A more in-depth Audit of your current sales function to identify areas for improvement. We will provide a prioritised action plan, identifying the cost and expected return of each component. Normally combined with an Audit of the sales function to ensure sales and marketing efforts are synchronised and working together effectively.
Strategy Based on your medium to long-term goals we will identify and recommend the best route for sustainable and cost effective sales achievement.
Management The implementation of a robust sales management process. Balancing team and company input and rewards.
Processes We work with you to develop and implement sales processes to keep you customer happy and your business growing.
Account management The review, refinement or development of an account management programme for your organisation.
New Business development Acquisition and activation of new customers and markets for your products and services.
Bid management The management of major bids. The development and / or refinement of your bid processes.
Independent Review Process The development, management and operation of an independent structured review process covering pipelines, forecasts, account plans, and major bids.
Pipeline review An in-depth review of your sales pipeline covering prospects, retention, account plans and major bids.
Lead Generation The development and implementation of scalable and cost effective lead generation initiatives.


Training, coaching and mentoring Many organisations make the statement that their people are their biggest asset. Our view is that to be truly successful an organisation must focus both on the skills of their people and the processes they use to carry out their roles. We often see companies who focus on one at the expense of the other. We will carry out an assessment of the capabilities of each member of your team and draw up a personalised programme based upon a mix of training, mentoring and coaching to enable them to maximise their potential.
Interim and embedded resources In certain instances you may wish to test out a new market but don’t want to recruit your own staff until you are certain that the market exists. We can quickly deploy and manage a team of people to take responsibility for functions on your behalf.
Identification and integration of resources This innovative approach bridges the gap between the deployment of an interim team and the recruitment of your own people. Initially, this may feel like the adoption of an interim team to quickly gain traction in the market, based upon our local knowledge. However, these resources are placed with you on the assumption that you will want them to become your employees once they have proven themselves. We remain fully involved throughout to ensure that the team delivers the results for which you are looking.
Supporting tools Selection and implementation of best of breed tools to support and drive performance.

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